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Dexter Cattle



A small cow with huge value, the Dexter has one of the highest yields of beef per acre of grazing.

Why Choose a Dexter?

Our farm is small by commercial standards because it lies within a populated community. We appreciate the opportunity to bring farming life into suburbia but it means that we have limited space. When we decided to include cows in our menagerie, we looked for a heritage breed that was smaller and more efficient at converting grass to meat. Ireland was our answer. Another place with limited room to roam, this island nation created a wonderful breed known as the Dexter. Dexter cattle are smaller in size and much more efficient grazers than many of the more prolific breeds. However, the quality and texture of their meat rivals beef from the best of the best. Dexter are good mothers insuring our investment in a small herd. They are also gentle to handle, perfect for our family farm. Our seven-year-old has no problem keeping our Dexter in line. We also appreciate the Dexter’s old heritage and extreme pride that Irish cattlemen have invested in the breed. So, if you are looking to keep cattle with limited acreage, the Dexter may be just the cow for you. If you are looking for all-natural, grass-fed yet tender and flavorful beef, then Dexter may also be your best choice. 



our breeding and availability

We currently have two dexter cows for sale, but please check our for sale page or visit our Contact page if you are interested in purchasing a dexter, we would love to hear from you!

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