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Heritage Breed Poultry



A varied flock of seven breeds free range our orchard and pens. 

Why Choose Our Heritage Breed Chickens?

The poultry business is huge and dominated by just a few breeds of chickens bred solely for their meat production. We decided to have a diverse flock of birds consisting mostly of heritage and endangered breeds. We currently have layers from seven different breeds including the colorful Golden Campine and the only U.S. developed heritage breed, the Ohioan Buckeye. Our collected eggs each day look like an Easter basket with all shapes, sizes and colors of eggs. Our chickens free range in the day, get a high quality supplemental grain in the evening, and a good roost and clean nesting box in a safe coop at night. A good life for a bird and they respond with a great quality and quantity of eggs. 

Our breeding and availability

We do not currently have any chicks for sale (although one of our layers has gone broody). Our flock will need to grow substantially before we can consider supplying chicks and layers for new farmsteaders. We do have more eggs than we can eat but the threat of spreading COVID-19 doesn't make it worth the risk to sell our small supply to the public so we're just sharing them with friends and neighbors for now. We'll update you as our flock grows and we develop a poultry based product line.

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