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St. Croix Lamb



Regal in appearance and elegant in demeanor, St. Croix are the perfect addition to any pasture.

Why Choose St. Croix Sheep?

St. Croix are our first choice in sheep. We appreciate other breeds and use them for different purposes, but for an all-around great shepherding experience, the St. Croix fits the bill. St. Croix get their name from Caribbean breeding of African sheep breeds. These animals are suited for warmer environments with lesser grazing quality. St. Croix are hair sheep lacking the thick wool of other breeds. In additional to heat tolerance, you don’t have to shear these sheep or dock their tails for lambing. They are also foragers and browsers eating whatever is available rather than overgrazing only the best grasses like some more particular sheep breeds. St. Croix are also extraordinarily parasite resistant often requiring little to no medications to control infestations. St. Croix are prolific breeders averaging two lambs per birthing and three births in two years. They seldom have trouble with lambing or nursing and bond quickly with their offspring. Registered St. Croix are always solid white and they are typically gentle maybe a little on the timid side but not flighty. Best of all, St. Croix produce some of the best quality meat in the world. We have both registered pure bred St Croix lambs for interested breeders and also some very nice non-registered purebred lambs at a slightly discounted rate for buyers who don’t need registration. 



                        *Member of the St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders Organization


For any questions or to request additional photos, please visit our For Sale or Contact page. We are expecting Spring 2024 Lambs in April. 

Pricing: $350 ewe lambs registration included $300 ram lambs registration included.

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