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Busy Hands

It might not pass building code but it's likely the most important structure on the farm. The product of left over barn building materials and a ten year-old's ingenuity, this three story treehouse sits at the very center of our property and the center of why we started this venture in the first place.

Given a choice between our boys playing video games and designing and building architectural masterpieces, we'll take the treehouse any day. We didn't have activities planned out or projects lined up, but we suspected that a farm would fire the imaginations and make the hands busy of our three sons. Other than missing boxes of screws and a few bumps and bruises, their adventures have been relatively inexpensive and painless.

When the wind blows, the trees creak and crack from the hundreds of bent screws and wedged boards. The treehouse is mostly abandoned now, the boys moving on to another project. I'll get around to releasing the trees from their bondage one of these days. Until then, we'll just hope that the building inspector doesn't show up unexpectedly.

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