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Ambassador Griffin

Updated: May 17, 2020

I got a text from the a friend who retrains off-the-track thoroughbreds. She had a new horse that would be perfect for our farm. Since we already had two horses and no extra pasture, it took some convincing. Griffin was a thoroughbred but not a race horse. He was coming through some rough times and came to us very thin and suffering with a skin infection. However, he was tall, a nice looking sorrel with flaxen mane and tail. No doubt he would be a handsome fellow once back to full form. What we didn't expect was that he would also be such a cheeky fellow. He has no concept of personal space and would gladly curl up in your lap if that were possible for a 1200 lb animal. He's also curious to the point of getting into constant predicaments and entanglements. Everything that makes him exasperating makes him equally lovable. Griffin is a chameleon becoming whatever his present company happens to be. Dogs, cows, sheep, chickens and even people, he's ready to join the pack, herd, flock, or clan. If he has any trouble fitting in, it's probably with the other horses who don't understand why he's not content to just stand around munching grass. So, Griffin is becoming our farm ambassador of sorts. Welcoming, supporting, sometimes agitating everyone and every animal that enters the premises. Some days we'd like to send him on an overseas assignment, but most of the time, we can't imagine the farm without its goodwill ambassador.

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