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Updated: May 15, 2020

Twilight is our favorite time of day on the farm just before sun rises and after it sets over the Smoky Mountains on a cool autumn evening or warm spring morning. Many of our posts are about the difficulties of farmsteading because dispelling the idyllic myths of farmsteading is important for balancing realism with idealism. After all, we don't just want to convince people to try it, we want them to stay with it. However, there are those times when it surpasses even our most idealistic expectations. To use a cliche, there are those magical moments. When the sheep and cows are quietly chewing their cud, the horses are grazing with an occasional loud huff of contentment, the dogs are watching over the pastures from their ridge-top perch, and barn swallows swoop across the fields snagging an evening meal of insects, these are the times when we remember why we took on this crazy hard enterprise and the times that renew our spirits. Your twilight moment may be a city lighting up for the night or an ocean vista sunset. It doesn't have to be a farmstead that renews your spirit, just taking the time to pause and reflect on what is still good and right in the world.

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